Wednesday, December 07, 2005

feasts et by buddy don: fried turky

i half to add mitt i been feelin lazy here lately, witch thats partly why i aint been bloggin. i had five days left to take fer vacayshun n tuck em this week sos my boss could go home to the uk fer christmus.

but i been meanin to blog a lil bout this amazin thanksgivin dinner me n miz bd wuz privliged to eat at her bruthers. me n miz bd gone to ohio after visitin tennessee n cummin back sos she could take sum classes (busy busy bees wuz we). we stayd with her mama in beavercreek, witch we always have a nice visit with her n hadnt been fer way too long.

but thanksgivin wuz to be at her bruthers place so we drove up in anticipayshun of a feast. we had dun herd minny a tale bout his fried turky. i hadnt never seen one fried thataway n i wonted to git a idee how twuz dun so i tuck my camera. the result wuz truly the best turky i ever et.

heres his setup:

as ye kin see, thays the propane cannystir with its fires a'burnin under that tub of grease. he splaind how he takes his turky n measures it in water furst sos he knows how much grease hes a'gone need.

here's the furst turky, witch he made two of em n coverd the furstn on the outside with a bunch of seasonins:

that grease wuz verr hot – 350 deegrees – sos it putt up quite a fuss:

boilin grease!

52 mints later, that 13-pound turky cum out a beeyootifull shade of black:

he dint putt no seasonin on the skin of tuther turky, witch as ye kin see, it cum out more golden brown (but thay both tasted grate):

that turky wuz the joosiest i ever et. fack is, twuz so good that folks et bout half the furst turky while twuz bein cut up. ye mite coulda thought twuz a pride of lions eatin! this here pitchers shows ye why:

twuz a verr nice event with more food than we coulda et in three days. we watched a lil football n tuck sum pitchers n had sum fine conversashun. i tuck sum of that turky with me to eat on the way home.


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