Monday, April 30, 2007

vacacióncito de buddy don: cuple daze off

me n miz bd is takin a cuple daze off so i mite not git a chants to blog much till windsdy. we bin havin a reel good time so fer. were jes havin a local vacacióncito on a counta thays a slew of sites up in here we aint never seen, witch seems lack loads of them new yorkers dont see them sites till sumbidy cums to visit, witch thats how we seen the statute of liberty up close.

by the way, we call it a vacacióncito on a counta whenever tony wuz lil he wood go to tennessee ever summer to stay with my folks on a lil vacation, witch we always joked n called it a vacacióncito, witch thay wuz a time neethur he nor his mama could speak inglés. now ye caint git im to speak no español ever since then we call a vacation a vacacióncito, tho this time tiz ackshly a lil vacation de verdad.

hope ye have ye a grate day!

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red molly said...

I hope you and mz bd have lots of fun on your "daze off". I thought of you when my son called me on Saturday from the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. I told him I was jealous of all the beautiful sightseeing places that were nearby to visit.