Friday, April 06, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: homeless in manhattan

tuther day i wuz wandern the streets of man hattan n shootin mostly frum the hip when i spied a feller that putt me in mind of my bruther eli. he wuz a homeless begger so i ast im could i take his pitcher fer a dollar. he sed why not so i dun it n we talked fer a spell.

turnt out the feller wuz a vizshunairy, witch he had dun had im sum dreams that foretole bout man hattan bein deestroyed in about 18 munths, but twoodnt be frum eethur terrsts nor nukes. twood be frum a natcherull deesaster, probly a earthquake or mayhap a asteroid hittin the place.

i ast im whut wuz he a'gone do? he sed he wuz savin up to move on when the weather gut nice on a counta he kin do his job innywhar.

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red molly said...

He looks like Jesus...I guess you already noticed that.

Anne Johnson said...

He also looks like the Monkey Man a little bit. Except around the eyes. I hope he doesn't mean the Yellowstone caldera.