Thursday, April 26, 2007

taggin of buddy don: blogs that make me thank

tuther day i gut tagged by Anne Johnson over at The Gods Are Bored. tiz a meme thats bin a'goin round whar ye putt down five blogs that make ye thank. as miz johnson dun splaind, mos ever blog ye read makes ye thank sumthin. tiz true fer me.

this hole thang gut started over at a blog name of the thinking blog. heres the post that cummenced folks to taggin otherns.

so heres five that cum to mind, tho fack is, i could list minny more of em. since she tagged me, i wont putt anne johnsons blog in even tho tiz one that makes me thank mos everday.
  1. furst off thays Thinking Meat (It's meat! And it thinks!): this feller kin do whut i caint hardly brang myself to do, witch he reads n takes apart lots of them lyin rite wing blogs
  2. nex up is a artist i know name of Tennessee Jed. he claims to be the prophet of the obveeus, but he has opend my eyes minny a time. i lack how he takes us up to verr hi places whar i woodnt go my ownself. i speshly luv the flag of appalachia that he made, witch seems lack folks everwhar is adobtin it.
  3. Appalachian Greens cums nex, witch miz johnson rites over thar sumtimes. nuthern i lack to read offn that site is kayakdave ... n ye should pay tenchun to elvis drinkmo
  4. fourth blog i read a lot n find myself thankin thangs i dont normally thank is eric's blog name of straight white guy. ifn ye aint read his blog, ye orta. thang i lack best bout his ritin is ... his ritin. he truly has his own particular way with wurds.
  5. thays minny a nuther blog i lack, but a nuthern i try to git everday is Tête - à - Tête - à - Tête. smijer is one of the fellers that rites thar n he kin git ye thankin yerself rite into a cunundrum on relijun now n agin. turthern thar i lack a lot is buck on a counta seems lack me n him thanks a lot alike.
so thar ye have it n all them blogs i jes menchuned orta cunsidder thayself tagged on the same meme.

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Buck said...

I'll give the meme some thought Buddy Don.

You and I may think a lot alike but I can assure you of this. You write exactly like I talk.

That's what gives me the biggest kick. It is the first time I have ever seen my manner of speaking written down and I love it.

My brother went off to college and learned how to speak properly so now he has two different dialects. One for work and one for home.

We call his home dialect Hillbillybonics. I am just proud that he still practices it at home.

Tennessee Jed said...

I am flattered! I will need to get some time to respond to the meme.

I love the way this here blog makes me think too.

Anonymous said...

... thanks, Hillbilly... I am humbled....