Tuesday, April 03, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Life's Tribulations

Life’s Tribulations
(Two sonnets worth)

Life’s Tribulations, One

A pill, they say, will fix your restless legs,
Of stiffen up your limp and aged phallus
Will let you sleep while eating scrambled eggs
Or keep your heart ticking with digitalis.

A pill can fix your frequent need to go
Or let you breathe when pollen has been loosed
Or even let you eat the foods you know
Cause heartburn or cholesterol to boost.

The side effects might be a bit extreme
The worst that some pills might just make you die
But what is death next to weak self-esteem
Or worries that a pill seems to belie?

With such proofs we teach young generations
That drugs solve all of life’s tribulations

Life’s Tribulations, Two

You read a lot about the nation’s use
Of drugs
that are illegal and illicit
Which leads our law enforcement to abuse
Of laws
designed to curb but not to fix it.

For how can we expect to fix with laws
A problem we have made ourselves with gain
To phramaceuticals who win applause
With each drug advertising sales campaign?

Why should we be surprised if junior chooses
To drown his fears in a bowl of crack
Or share the blunt that his best friend uses
When he was raised by parents on prozac?

For we have taught the young generations
That drugs solve all of life’s tribulations.

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Anne Johnson said...

Nostalgic for the time when it was illegal to tout medications in commercials... I won't even watch the nightly news anymore.

Tennessee Jed said...

Nice work Mr. don!

to quote Pink Floyd: "I don't need no drugs to calm me, cause I have seen the writing on the wall. I don't think I need any thing at all. No, I don't think I need anything at all!"