Wednesday, April 04, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Reaching the Summit

Reaching the Summit

The Lady Vols have once more reached the Summit
With Summitt as their coach it’s no surprise –
Some say they’ve won too often but, dadgummit,
They played their Orange hearts out for the prize.

For Hornbuckle, Spencer and Auguste
All knew they had important roles to play –
Their defense was tenacious, never rusty,
Yet they weren’t to be big stars on this day.

Great praise was heaped upon Candace Parker
And true enough she did not disappoint –
When double-teamed she took it as a marker
To get assists as if she played the point.

The sparkplug of the team was Shannon Bobbit
Whose hustle at both court ends set the pace –
And though she is no bigger than a Hobbit
Her dagger threes were biggest in the place.

Pat Summit preaches rebounds and defense,
Which makes choosing the MVP less tricky –
Her defense and rebounding were intense
For me the MVP was Anosike.

It’s true that Candace Parker has no equal —
Should she return, next year might be a sequel!

but wait! thays more. miz bd dun wuz inspired to rite her a lil pome on the same subjeck:

them Lady Vols
the short
the tall
they won it all

thanks to coach Summitt
they dunnit

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Big Ethel said...

That's some mighty fine poetryizing.

Deb said...

Excellent poems the both of 'em.
Congrats to the Lady Vols - we're mighty proud of them, too!