Monday, April 23, 2007

weekends of buddy don: gardenin n that bb garden

twuz a beeyootifull weekend up in here with hi temps nigh onto 80 deegrees. i spent saturdy coverin a eevent of new york cares name of hands on new york, witch this is sumthin goodbank wonts thar employees to git involved in n turns into lots of fun. twuz nice spendin the day with tony, witch he is the 27 year ole feller that calls me dad. it tuck nearly 600 pitchers n have dun spent the hole mornin trine to git em all uploaded, witch i gut a ways to go yet. i mite call in a lil late on a counta of it.

after we wuz dun thar, we had lunch with jack n vaclav at odessa, a restrunt i bin a'goin to ever since i cum up to the city area over 20 year ago.

then on sundy me n miz bd replaced our dead monitor (how hard tiz to live without the net in the house! or i reckun we have gut spoilt), unloaded them pitchers to the hard drive, n then went to the brooklyn botanick garden, witch twuz beeyootifull to see sum of them cherry trees in bloom. i will lackly git them pitchers uploaded sos ye kin see em by tomorrows post.

but this mornin has been tuck by uploads, so i aint gut much more to say or show.

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