Wednesday, May 02, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: three frum the garden

me n miz bd had us a purty good vacacióncito over the past four days. we spent a lot of time jes walkin n talkin, over in centrull park n the brooklyn botanic garden n along the waterfrunt in hoboken. we wint over to the amurkin museum of natchurull histry n seen the planetarium show name of cosmic collisions. that putt a lil perspecktiv in yer life!

innywho, here sum pitchers of the brookly botanic garden, witch they had em the cherry blossom festivull over the weekend. we waited till tuesdy to go on a counta we dint wonta have to deal with so minny folks. even then, twuz verr crowded by the time we left, witch we gut thar befor it opend but they let us in regardless.

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