Friday, May 04, 2007

pomes of buddy don: That Commander Guy

That Commander Guy

I’m worried about that Commander Guy
He seems to have lost his touch –
He used to have his way with the lie,
But now maybe not so much.

He used to call himself The Decider
Declaring Don Rumsfeld would stay –
But November 7 proved the divider
As Rumsfeld was ousted that day.

To lead the Commander Guy must mislead
Since honesty’s not his strong suit.
If he can’t tell lies all agree to believe
His alternate truth becomes moot.

So is the duck lame? His party irate?
Well, Reagan prevailed at last night’s debate!

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Anonymous said...

Commander guy stopped terrorist attacks on US cities. What did Clinton do? Storm a compound in Waco and send a little boy back to live in the socialist paradise that is Cuba, after his mother died trying to escape. Sent in federal SWAT to Blow the brains out of Randy Weaver's wife and baby.Bite his lip and squeeze out a fake tear as embassy's, Navy ships, and civilian air planes were blown up by Osama and his buddies.

Tennessee Jed said...

That is alright bd anonymous comments just don't count. Sort of like democratic votes in the last two elections. By the way Clinton did more to evoke peace and 9/11 would have never happened on his shift.