Wednesday, May 23, 2007

pomes of buddy don: The Long War

The Long War

At long last our President declassified
The proof Osama had ordered attacks
Outside of Iraq, against us worldwide
In two thousand five! No time to relax!

“Osama?” you ask, “In two thousand five?
“I thought Bush vowed after nine eleven
That we’d bring him in either dead or alive
To send him to hell and protect our heaven!”

That might be true but Afghanistan’s hell
And catching a six foot six rich Saudi
Who needs dialysis to remain well
Is like a poor man hoping to buy an Audi!

So don’t try to think, just embrace The Long War:
The danger is even worse now than before!

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Anne Johnson said...

You jest keep these purty pomes a- comin'. Nuther good 'un.