Friday, May 18, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Move into the Bubble

Move into the Bubble

I saw the light on that TV debate –
The light the Republicans follow –
Lying is OK, and torture is great!
The Cool Aid is sweet: have a swallow!

The axis of terror in the mid East
Has Sunnis and Shia, Al Qaeda, Hamas
United to become the ten-headed beast,
Their hatreds forgotten so they can harm us!

The peace in Iraq is well on its way –
It’s just not shown on your evening TV –
The last throes insurgents have had their day –
It’s just liberal pundits who still disagree!

Dismiss your cares, your doubt, your trouble:
Just move into the Republican bubble!

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Anne Johnson said...

Thanks but no thanks. I'll have a different bubble, please.

Tennessee Jed said...

The ten headed beast reference is spooky in a Revelational way!