Wednesday, May 30, 2007

pomes of buddy don: We Came As Liberators to Their Soil

We Came As Liberators to Their Soil

Why can’t they understand we’re here to stay?
That doing so is for their benefit?
If not, then why would we work night and day
To build an embassy too big to fit?

For truth is we have not come just to leave
When we believe the battle is in sway –
As long as fear persuades folks to believe
That terrorists fought there will stay away.

We’ll help them sell their oil to our friends –
And even offer them our oil giants –
To sell the stuff at a cost that extends
The bounty that will ease our own reliance.

We came as liberators to their soil –
But what we need to liberate is oil.

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Fringe said...

Enjoyed this poem :)