Friday, January 19, 2007

reedoosed mizry of buddy don: that thar depakote

reglar readers of this here blog knows bout my trubles with migraines but thangs gut much better once i give in to the doctor who sed i should be takin depakote. i dint wonta doot on a counta them side effecks -- possibull permanent liver damage, weight gain, dull hed n other syptums ye mite eggspeck frum a drug that stops epileptick fits n keeps bi polar folk evened out n deepressd folk happy -- but i finely deecided twuz better to risk em side effecks than give up on life. one of them docters ackshly sugjested i ackcep long term disbility.

so i caint cumplain much. but thays one thang. we jes had one of them dredfull weather changes that has always caused migraines fer me in the past. n true a nuff, i woke up that last cuple nites with them awfull feelins. only differnts is i gut back to sleep n kin wurk today.

but as miz bd sez to me, i am havin a migraine on depakote. means i aint near a hunnert% but i kin wurk. i am thankfull fer the reedoosed mizry but wish i could thank a lil strater n rite sumthin uther than this.

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Anne Johnson said...

I wuz a lil worriet about you takin that med, cuz I dunno how much you drink of the moonshaan n all. But I do know it helps bipolar folks, since my mama was bipolar an suffert quite a bit fore the better meds came long.

T'aint nothin 100 percent in this world. Cept death n taxes.

Tennessee Jed said...

Shoot bd, you think clearer on your most cloudy day than I think in the clear my friend!