Friday, January 12, 2007

quick note of buddy don: pomes

i been trine to git thru all my ole posts sos i kin putt labels on em, witch i started out wurkin on pomes. thang is, i dint have no idee how minny of em i had writ up to now. i still aint shore on a counta i gut a ways to go ere i git am all labeled, but at the moment, i dun labeled 63 of em.

wow! makes me wunder, when did all that happen?

i wake up ever day hopin to rite the nex chaptur, but taint as easy as it orta be. so jes to putt sumthin up fer the day, i git to makin rimes in my hed n nex thang ye know i am cunsidderin whuther to use my favert form, the shakespeare style sonnet. mos days i figger i jes tuck the easy way out. but whenever i gut reddy to figger whut to rite today, i noticed the list of labels n how minny posts thay wuz fer each of em, witch whut amazed me wuz how thays a slew of em n i know i aint gut em all labeled.

that putts me in mind of a feller i used to know in grad skool. he wuz one of the bes n funniest riteres i ever new, witch he wuz in the group i used to rite bout. innywho, he finely gut shed of grad skool n never writ a nuther story that i heard tell of. seems lack he could only rite stories whenever he wuz shirkin his other duties.

thats kindly how i feel bout them pomes (not that theys near as good as his stories): i felt lack i wuz shirkin my duties whenever i writ em, but now seems lack they are well wurth the effort that went into em. ifn ye click here ye kin see whut i mean, least in quanty if not qualty.

[i jes tested it n wuz sprized that the page that lodes dont give ye all them pomes, but ye kin git a purty good samplin.]

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Buck said...

You have quite a wonderful book of pomes and I have loved them all.

Just keep 'em comin'

red molly said...

Wow, that is a passel of 'pomes'. Good work!

Tennessee Jed said...

Navel gazing, thats funny. You sir are a classic word smith!