Tuesday, January 23, 2007

gardens of buddy don: aerogardens

whenever i wuz livin in tennessee i lacked to make a garden. since i been livin up here in the ny metro area, thay aint been no whars to do that. taint lack we dont have no plants, witch we gut over 60 of em a'growin lack crazy in our apartment on a counta havin a 10 foot by 12 foot winder facin south.

but i have been missin a garden with thangs ye kin eat.

so fer chrismus, loretta n paddy gut us one of them aerogardens, witch miz bd planted it with goremay erbs: mint, parsley, italian basel, purpull basel, chives, dill n cilantro. since twuz so obveeus how much i lacked it, whenever it cum my birthdy, she gut me a nuthern, witch we planted thatn with salad greens.

heres a pitcher of them erbs after jes two weeks:

but as ye kin see by the nex pitcher, tuck ten days later, they wuz jes a'gittin started (we dun been eatin sum of that thar basel):

heres them thar salad greens after jes 12 days:

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Elvis Drinkmo said...

What a great Christmas gift!

I think having a big garden is the one thing we take for granted out here in the West Virginian country. When I think about my cousins stranded in big cities like that, it makes me appreciate what we have.

This year, I'm going to plant a tomato in your honor, Buddy Don. Of course, your always more than welcome to come down and get one or at least get some salsa after we do some canning this September.

Anonymous said...

Want me one a them. Whar it come from?

I got a lil plot bout 6 by 6. The older I git, the gladder I am tis only that big. Gives me enough termaters for thisn that. An some basil.

Frum Anne