Monday, January 29, 2007

pomes of buddy don: It Is Not Stomach

It Is Not Stomach

The enemy's emboldened still (would someone tell Bob Gates?),
Our use of free speech will not make him bolder.
If exercise of liberty is what he denigrates,
Must we allow our Bill of Rights to moulder?

We do not seem to understand you can't kill an idea
With all the weapons man has yet devised.
How contradictory to think of war as panacea –
For shock and awe just leave us more despised.

The terrorists have no set number that we have to kill
Until terror's cruel practice is no more –
For terrorists are made when demagogues claim it God's will
To use the Devil's arts to practice war.

To win we must take higher moral ground: that's everything–
It is not stomach that we lack but Gandhi, Christ and King.

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Tennessee Jed said...

Dick Cheney makes matters worse. I would say he is evil and selfish, but that would be my sin and not his.

Anne Johnson said...

You rock, you roll, this is the best thang I've read all day. Ifn you'd lived in 1775, you'd a been one helluva pamphleteer.