Thursday, January 25, 2007

nitemares of buddy don: jes bad dreams?

i aint gut not time to blog today, but i did dream lack nobidys bizness las nite.

i dreamt that them paranoids that bleeves in cunspiracies wuz rite, that the 9/11 attack wuz a inside job, set up on a counta them neo-cons needin a pearl harbor moment sos they could take over. twuz one of them dreams whar ye know thangs, lack how them energy meetins cheney had in the summer befor the attack wuz to splain to them oil cumpny buddies of his how they wood solve the energy problem by takin out iraq n tuther places in the middle east thats gut our oil underneath thar sand. i wonted to ast why hadnt nobidy spilt the beans on such a cunspiracy, but miz bd splaind: turnt out they had all dun been blackmailed by thangs larnt by ill-eagle gummint spyin.

i shore wuz glad to wake up n fine out twuz jes bad dreams on a counta couldnt nuthin lack that ever happen here.

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fletch said...

I've had similar dreams. Once I dreamt that the American people voted for a change in Middle East policy and the finest minds and characters of the nation recommended a change in policy. Then, the VP (virtual President) was summoned secretly to his king (the Saudi Royal family) who told him to bow his knee and that they would tell him and the American people exactly what to do and when to do it, and to shut up and obey or else. Then the VP kissed the king's feet, went home, and sent more young American subjects to their death. Luckily, it was just a dream.

Tennessee Jed said...

Guys! I had one of them dreams too! Must have been something I saw on the TV or internets. I know it was not something I ate because I can't afford to do that much anymore.