Wednesday, January 17, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Unleashed Forces

Unleashed Forces

At last he can admit mistakes were made
(But only stated in the passive voice) –
Disproved are all the reasons to invade,
But now we're stuck there, left with no good choice.

For if we leave the consequences are
Most terrible for us to contemplate –
The violence then would be, as now, bizarre,
For we've upset a hornet's nest of hate.

And if we stay how many more must die
To regain the security we lost
When we invaded based upon the lie
That claimed we could win this with little cost?

In fact, Iraq was just a box, much like Pandora's was –
We opened it and unleashed forces that will never pause.

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Omni said...

So, now that you're in a "poetic" mood... will there be some love poetry written in time for Valentine's Day?