Monday, January 22, 2007

happy ness of buddy don: them Colts!

i am a tired but verr happy man this mornin on a counta them colts finely makin it into the superbowl. ever since peyton manning deecided he wood return fer his senior year of collidge, i been a fan of his. i am now even a fan of them colts, witch the mos i ever dun wuz drive thru indianapolis one time n i dint much keer fer the way reggie miller made them knicks look foolish (back befor the knicks showed patrick ewing the door, back, that is, when i could git myself to keer much fer them knicks).

but i have been a huge fan of tharn ever since they tuck peyton fer the qb.

las nite he give us ever thang innybidy could ever wont of a qb n then sum.

normally me n miz bd sleeps with the chickens, as they say, gittin into bed by no latern nine pee em, but i had to stay up to watch the game on a counta how could innybidy turn away frum it? twuz the best game of the post season so fer.

no more questchuns of monkees on the back.

no more talk of peyton bein grate but chokin when thangs is on the line.

no more talk of legacy.

jes that we seen one of the verr best qbs in the histry of the game.

now ifn only the magick kin keep up long a nuff to beat them bears, witch i lack them purty good as well.

n aint it grate that ye git not one but two black hed coaches fer the furst time in a superbowl?

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Buck said...

Two black head coaches and two former SEC quarterbacks.

It doesn't get any better than this!

buddydon said...

rite ye are as always, sir!