Monday, September 20, 2004

weekend of buddy don: black cloud with silver linin

furst, thay wuznt no whisky tastin at astor place on fridy nite, but ye had to go down thar -- schlepp is the wurd fer go in nyc n it means how taint easy in this town to git frum one place to a nuthern -- ifn ye wonted to find that out. so twuzny much fun n me n miz bd gut home late.

then i woke up in the middle of then nite with a strange but familyer feelin, witch twuz a migraine a'cummin on only i dint real eyes it till twuz near mornin. seems lack i git em when thays a radicull change in the weather, witch we wuz jes gittin the tail end of ivan by then. innywho, i tuck my medicine n went to bed whar i spent most the day.

that evenin cum the silver linin in the game twixt tennessee n florida. i wuz too tired to give up on them vols, but i gut a jolt of eggcitement whenever wilhoit kicked that long field goal.

othern that, seem lack i'm still fogged in by that migraine or that migraine medicine, tho i did make it in to wurk.

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