Friday, September 03, 2004

pinions of buddy don: bye gop! twuz fun havin ye here!

thay wuz plenty of side benefits dint nobidy eggspect when it cums to havin the rnc in new york. fer one thang, ye never saw so minny po-leece. they wuz herdin folks into pens jes as po-lite as could be, witch over at kos ye kin read bout how curteeus n nice they wuz n how they had a big tent kinda inclusivity ye dont find much these days: why, ye could git yerself arrested jes by sittin on the steps of the publick liberry, witch folks duz that everday of the week ifn tiz nice out, but i reckun them folks they arrested musta been a'doon it in a threatnin way.

then thays the fack that wudnt much of innybidy who lives here willin to stay in town fer the cunventchun, n that made it easy to walk the streets whar ye wuz allowed to walk, witch ye had to be keerful ye dint git into a crowd that wuz about to git arrested, but othern that, twuz as easy to walk as innytime i member since arrivin here back in '85.

ye caint overestimate the cunsidderayshun them publicans had fer local folk, speshly how they fenced thar ownselves off cumpletely sos they woodnt run into no new yorkers, witch that wuz hepful fer folks that dont much lack runnin into publicans. it wurked purty well on a counta aint hardly nobidy spotted no delegates outside of thar pertecktiv bubble name of the security zone.

twuz also nice havin all them po-leece frum here n even sum frum other places, witch i caint find out how minny even tho i been astin. i hadnt never seen no capital po-leece car befor, but thay wuz sevrul ye could spot in yer travels round town.

n did i mentchun how eggciting twuz how everwhar ye went thay wuz securty folks standin round, sum of em with huge weppons? makes ye feel safe n perteckted, kindly lack twuz in east berlin back befor the berlin wall cum down, witch tiz thonly other place i been whar thay wuz so minny uniformd folks runnin round carryin weppons.

wunder ifn thar a'gone go home now that thay aint a cunventchun to perteck? mayhap sum of em will be re-dee-ployed to wyoming, witch that must be a hard place to perteck! corse, nice as twuz to have all them uniforms around, we caint afford to keep it up no more.

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