Tuesday, September 14, 2004

pinions of buddy don: more hipockrussy

yesterdy miz bd wuz watchin news hour with jim lehrer n they put up a spot with mr bush speakin to one of his hand-picked audientses. he wuz splainin bout how john kerrys spendin plans wood add up to near 2 trillion. whut he dint say wuz cuverd in this mornins washington post in a post name of $3 Trillion Price Tag Left Out As Bush Details His Agenda, witch aint no touchin him whenever it cums to bein the champeen of hipocrits:
The expansive agenda President Bush laid out at the Republican National Convention was missing a price tag, but administration figures show the total is likely to be well in excess of $3 trillion over a decade.

A staple of Bush's stump speech is his claim that his Democratic challenger, John F. Kerry, has proposed $2 trillion in long-term spending, a figure the Massachusetts senator's campaign calls exaggerated. But the cost of the new tax breaks and spending outlined by Bush at the GOP convention far eclipses that of the Kerry plan.

Bush's pledge to make permanent his tax cuts, which are set to expire at the end of 2010 or before, would reduce government revenue by about $1 trillion over 10 years, according to administration estimates. His proposed changes in Social Security to allow younger workers to invest part of their payroll taxes in stocks and bonds could cost the government $2 trillion over the coming decade, according to the calculations of independent domestic policy experts.
i aint sayin kerry wood be inny better, but nobidy could be wurser. whar i wurk, ifn ye turn a $400 billion profit into a $422 billion loss, ye git fired.

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