Tuesday, September 21, 2004

sprize of buddy don: lookie here at who thar callin progressiv!

wuz i ever sprized whenever i follerd a lank offn kevin drums site name of politcal animal, witch hes the feller that used to be called calpundit. he writ a lil post name of progressive blog directory bout all them blogs on the progressiv side of the fence, listed state by state. so i tuck the bait n follerd the lank till i cum to a site with the hedline States Writes: a Progressive Peer Directory; from The American Street. scroll down to new jersey n thar it be, a lank to wandering hillbilly.

whuts so mazin bout this is how tiz a purty good day fer this site ifn it gits 50 visters. so twuz a speshly good day whenever one of em red a nuff to put me on the list. tiz a honor!

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