Friday, September 17, 2004

pinions of buddy don: folks that votes fer folks that makes fun of em

sumthin i dont git bout the eleckshun thats a'gone on twixt kerry n bush. seems lack thonly place thar showin lots of them camp-pain advertisements is in the states that aint been deecided yet on a counta mos folks has dun made up thar minds (corse, they lacks to show them lyin ads by them swift boat liars on cnn as minny times as they kin, even in states thats dun been deecided by sumbidys poll).

that means, mos of the eleckshuneerin is goin after them undeecided voters. now ifn yer a undeecided voter, that means eethur (1) ye have truble makin up yer mind or (2) ye keep changin yer mind twixt one side n tuther. heres whut i dont git: to attrack such voters, mr bush wonts to claim mr kerry is a flip-flopper. fack is, mr bush flips n flops a lot moren mr kerry, but that dont matter since mr bush is the one who wonts to attack folks that lacks to give keerful cunsidderayshun to importunt deecisions. but aint them undeecided voters more or less flip floppers thar ownself? so why wood ye wonta make yer camp-pain theme sumthin that makes fun of em fer makin deeliberut deecishuns?

i kin understand why lots of them folks that has thar minds made up fer bush dont wonta change em on a counta he lacks to make a deecishun n stick with it no matter how bad it is or how minny lies he has to tell or how minny times he has to tell the same lie over n over agin (wmd, saddam/al qaida conneckshun, the economy is turnin the corner, thangs is grate in iraq, thay aint no global warmin or ifn thar is, taint the fault of human acktivity or ifn tiz, aint nuthin kin be dun bout it now). tiz the kinda thang that has 42% of folks thankin saddam had sumthin to do with 9/11, witch they dun proovd that aint true bout fifty differnt ways.

after a while, ye wont sum strate talk, mayhap frum sumbidy thats dun been thar. i wzu sprized to see sum of that cummin frum the tv yesterdy. twuz on the news hour with jim lehrer, witch they had em one of them bof sides now deebates whar that dont report the news but lets partisan folks tell ye whut they wont ye to bleeve. tiz yer post-post-modernism vershun of the news, witch thats whut ye git whenever ye let four or five cumpnies cuntrol over 80% of the media.

innywho, i wuz so impressd by the strate talkin of this one feller name of jon stolz, a veterun fer kerry, that i figgerd i wood cut n paste a lil of it in here. ye kin read the hole thang here:
John Kerry's the only one of the two candidates running for president who understands my war, the war I fought in Iraq, who understands what it's like to be far from your family in a war that... let's be honest, the truth has not been told. John Kerry's the only one of the two candidates who has the ability to put our direction on course.

He's the man who has the leadership and the character that we need. I want a commander-in-chief who knows what it's like to be in combat like I was, who knows what it's like to be far from your family and probably tell them things are okay when they're actually not . . .

. . .

the first thing we need to note here is that the president is a failed commander- in-chief. President Bush sent soldiers like me to die for weapons that we can't find.

If that doesn't prove that he's failed his last four years as president, frankly, I'm not sure what does. Sen. Kerry is the only one of the two candidates who has the credibility to bring allies to our side.

Our force levels in Iraq are so high that soldiers like myself, who spent, you know, an entire year... or some of them have spent entire years in Iraq, have come home for a year, and are now going back. 43 percent of Operation Iraqi Freedom Three is going to be guard and reserve forces.

This president has broken this military. And John Kerry's the only one of the two who's given us any alternatives or any possibility of hope. He's the one who supports increasing the size of the army by 40,000 soldiers, not President Bush.

He's the one who has the credibility to go back to the world, because let's be honest, the world isn't against the United States; they're against our president.

And I'll tell you what, going it alone hurt soldiers like me. Going it alone burdened our American army to a point where we've had to back draft people in our military.

I went to war because of this backdoor draft. Even though my time was up, I still went, and I did my duty. But the American public has a right to know the truth about this war.

We can talk all day long about what Sen. Kerry said at the National Guard today, but, you know what, he leveled with the national guardsmen. He didn't make any crazy attempts to link al-Qaida and Saddam Hussein. He leveled with the soldiers and said, "you know, you guys are fighting hard."

And I'm going to be honest with you, President Bush continues to mislead our country about the direction of our war. And he hasn't even... this is a guy... this is a president who will not even support mandatory funding for our health care.

It was a dark day for me when I had to return home from the war in Iraq, have some bad dreams, go to my veterans hospital only to find out that the same man who sent me to war has turned his back on me when I came home, and decided that he was going to close our veterans hospital here in Pittsburgh on Highland Drive.

He's turned his back on his veterans and he's led our country in the wrong direction in Iraq.
cum on now, all ye voters that lacks to thank bout thangs n make keerful deecishuns, that lacks to change yer mind ifn yer rong, that mr bush is makin fun of whenever he makes fun of folks that thanks bout thangs n kin change thar mind ifn they larn they dun made a miss take or even gut tricked into makin one by sumbidy that lies to em! cum on, all ye flip-floppin voters: dont vote fer the feller that lacks to make fun of ye!

lessn ye thank thangs is gittin better over in iraq lack mr bush sez they is.

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