Friday, September 24, 2004

revues of buddy don: books about sangle malt scotch

sumtimes bad brakes turn into good luck. twuz the case fer me n miz bd one day back in feberwary whenever we went to the likker store fer sum jack daniels n wuz sprized to find they had dun sold out of it. whut to do? i writ to eric over at straight white guy to ast bout them sangle malt scotches he had dun writ about. he wuz kind a nuff to rit me a post to git me started, witch ye kin read it here. we deecided to try the middle malt he had suggested, witch twuz talisker n we luv it to this verr day. twuz luv at furst taste or nose or wee dram or even wee half, as i read they lack to say over in the homeland of this wonderful amber liquid.

me n miz bd wuz bout even in our luv of sangle malts, so we gut to doin lots of studyin, furst by buyin a new bottle or two ever week even tho we couldn't hardly finish it, witch one result is how we gut us a lil colleckshun of unopened bottles. ifn i had the rite lite, i wood take a pitcher of it to show how bad we dun got. but ifn yer a'gone resurch sumthin, ye gut to do the wurk, witch aint no better wurk than the porin, add mirin, sniffin, tastin n feelin the warmth of a fine malt. after a while, we real eyesd how thay wuz more malts than ye could shake a stick at, so we gut to doin a bit of book studyin on the topick. heres a lil list of books ever luver of sangle malt scotches wood be lackly to enjoy:
  1. Jim Murray's Whiskey Bible 2004: tiz a nice lil book in a sturdy form that ye kin stick in yer back pocket, witch ye mite wonta do that ifn ye cum upon a likker store that has much seeleckshun n me n miz bd is lucky a nuff to have minny a one rite here in the metropolltun new york city area. the author rates over 2000 differnt whiskeys, including ryes n blends n even tennessee whiskeys lack jack daniels, witch he gives thatn a score of 87. fer comparison, here's a few other scores:
    • talisker 10 year: 86
    • laphroaig 10 year: 90
    • lagavulin 16 year: 86
    • ardbeg 10 year: 93
    • glenmorangie 10 year: 94
    • bowmore 12 year: 85
  2. Michael Jackson's Complete Guide to Single Malt Scotch: looks lack this here michael jackson feller, witch he aint no pop star ifn yer wunderin, really knows his stuff. he also lacks to rate whiskeys n thang is, he n jim murray dont always agree. heres sum eggzamples:
    • talisker 10 year: 90
    • laphroaig 10 year: 86
    • lagavulin 16 year: 95
    • glenmorangie 10 year: 80
    • bowmore 12 year: he dont rate it!
  3. Scotland and its Whiskies: The Great Whiskies and Their Landscapes by Michael Jackson: thisns a grate read, speshly ifn yer thankin bout makin a tour of them distillries over in scotland, witch thats jes whut me n miz bd is a'hopin to do nex year. he takes ye frum glasgow, over to campbelltown by way of arran fer a visit to springbank, maker of springbank 10 year (grate new discuvry that we open last weekend), then to islay, whar they distill n bottle our faverts, including laphroaig, ardbeg, lagavulin, bowmore, bruichladdich, bunnahabhain n caol ila. then he makes a quick visit to the isle of jura, whars thays a nuther goodn named after the island. he pays visits to mull (tobermory n ledaig), skye (talisker) n the orkney islands, whar highland park is distilled. once he gits dun with the islands, he drops by tain to see glenmorangie n then takes im a long walk on the speyside way, witch ye kin visit more distillries along that one walk than they gut in all of the usa. i wont spoil it by tellin ye everthang he duz, so go read the book. ye a'gone luv it. tiz almost lack takin the tour frum yer armchair.
  4. David Wishart has a book name of Whisky Classified, witch whut's best bout thisn is how he duznt try to rate the sangle malts but duz try to give ye a idee bout how they taste. ifn ye lack laphroaig, then ye lack the taste of peat n iodine n seaweed n such, so ye kin figger out witch otherns ye mite lack frum this book. ifn ye dont lack laphroaig, then ye kin figger out how to avoid them verr same tastes, witch me n miz bd so far purty much lacks em all, only the islay malts are our faverts.
  5. John Lamond & Robin Tucek take a simlar tack with thar book, The Malt Whisky File, witch one of the good thangs bout thisn is how they cum up with a lil discusshun of ever sangle malt they kin.
corse, frum all we been able to deetermin, the bes way to larn bout them sangle malt scotch whiskys is to drank a minny of em as ye kin. i reckon twood take a lifetime to git a good taste of em all. tonite me n miz bd plans to open a bottle of mackillops choice clynelish 1989 aged 14 years (scroll down till ye find it, tho ye mite jes wonta read the hole site, ifn ye gut a week or two). tiz a new add ventchur ever time ye pull off the bond frum the bottle!

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