Friday, September 17, 2004

evenin plans of buddy don: astor place whisky tastin

thays plenty of thangs to hate bout livin up here in new york. we git to be on a higher color alert fer them terrsts than the rest of the cuntry, we dont git to see mr bush nor mr kerry camp-pain here since the electoral collidge takes the profit out of it fer em, thays way too minny folks fer the size of the isle of man hattan, n tiz dirty n kin be dangerus n so forth. but thays a reason so minny folks lacks to be here n this evenin me n miz bd is plannin on takin add vantage of one of em, witch tiz the fack that ye gut free events such as thisn:
Friday,September 17; 5-8 PM
Easy-sipping French and Portuguese Wines and Banfi of Italy;
Bruichladdich & Springbank Single Malts
corse, we wont be wastin inny time on them wines, but twill be a deelite to taste them sangle malts! we aint never had no cambelltown malts yet, so the springbank should be innerestin. we alreddy know the bruichladdich is sum grate islay malt.

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