Thursday, April 15, 2004

add mirayshun of buddy don:
'mo' of skolarly sites sumbidy sent me

me n miz bd tuck us a class in screenritin a few years back. they had em a concep name of 'moteef,' witch tis the use of three thangs to make yer point. we git into a habit of callin a group of three thangs a 'mo.'

i gut a mo of thangs i wonta make a point bout today, witch thays all websites i jes larnt bout.

i wuz dee lited to git news of them sites i shoulda dun found by now. each of em is wurthy of yer time n tenchun. furstn's dedicated to The Traditional Craft and Lore of The Cumberland Plateau & Tennessee. ye kin find lots of facks n stories bout ole timey ways. they gut em a grate dickshunairy, bettern mine, witch mine is jes a joke fer them a'readin life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. the one they gut on this site is the genuwine articull.

frum that site, ye kin git to a nuthern thats verr innerestin name of conjurefolk or "Of the Resurrection of the Meadow; Traditional Craft Resources," witch tiz dedicated to folks ways of doin thangs. heres how they splain it in thar innerduckshun:

Greetings and welcome to Of the Resurrection of the Meadow. This website is concerned with Folk Ways and the Lore of the Land, with survivals of paganism, with history & heritage, with the underlying traditions and folkloric roots of the ways, practices, and beliefs traditionally associated with witches & witchcraft, and the study of folk customs & beliefs, with a view to their implicit meanings and survivals of paganism expressed therein.

the third site has plenty of good infermayshun bout farmin n the lack, witch ye could larn a lot by readin it. makes me wish me n miz bd could move back up in the mountins to take up a lil farmin. tiz a dream we keep alive n this site is gonna hep, witch tiz called wisteria's farm. ye kin larn bout thangs lack whut a worm bin is n why ye mite wonta have one. cummin attackshuns include infermayshun bout root cellars n 'een of hens' n compost. rite now ye kin larn when to plant accordin to the signs. tiz a site wurth watchin!

i urge ye to take a look at these sites. theys rite nice! tiz a grate wurk to keep this cultchur alive! thankee, miz wisteria!

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