Friday, June 13, 2008

anniversries of buddy don: blog turns 5 year ole today

happy fridy the thirteenth!

today marks five years since i begun ritin this here blog. i half to add mitt, aint nuthin in my life thats bin better fer gittin me to rite than thankin that thays folks out thar wontin to check whut i mite coulda writ on inny given day.

corse, fack is thays only a handful of reglar readers (n i luv em all). mos all my hits cums frum folks thats lookin fer pitchers or folks that caint spell. i also git plenty of hits frum folks lookin fer porn on a counta the wurd cum, witch i spell it that way on a counta thats how tiz sed by them i grew up with in the hills of east tennessee.

durin that time, i have bin lucky a nuff to git a total of 91,963 hits frum unique vistors (aint all my vistor unique?), witch that aint as minny as big blogs gits in a day, but tiz way moren i ever eggspected.

corse i aint doin it fer hits. i cummenced ritin this thang on a counta how i wonted to practiss up ritin the langwage of stories as twuz used by my fambly whenever they wood gather roun a fire of a evenin. taint that they wudnt educated. my granddaddy wuz judge of his county, my daddy gut his dr of jurisprudents, n most everbidy in the fambly gut good book larnin.

but whenever it cum time to tell a story, ever last one of em wood fall into that ole hillbilly dialeck. tiz a grate way to tell a tale, lease in my pinion, so i tuck it up my ownself.

my mane reason fer doin that wuz sos i could rite a novel name of life n pinions of buddy don, hillbilly. tiz a wurk i figgerd wood cumprise a few 'books' or volumes, so to speak. so fer, i dun writ near all of the furst three of em, witch thay wood be 'shoot the devil' (ruff draft cummences here), 'the wanderin hillbilly' (ruff draft cummences here), n 'the skool of hard knox' (cummences here). i bin stalled in the middle of that lastn fer a while now, witch i pray most everday i will git back on that horse n ride, but taint easy.

i also tride my hand at a lil punditry, witch heres three thangs i writ that gut me more hits fer a sangle post than i wood generly git in a week:
  1. pinions of buddy don: ten commandments eggsplained in footnotes
  2. pinions of buddy don: the re-attitudes
  3. pinions of buddy don: duz it take a dicktater?
i also writ a slew of pomes, witch i gut to thankin after a while that i dint wonta be lack ever other blogger commentin on the stories of the day, so i tride to doot in rhymes, generly in the form of a shakespearyun sonnet. i aint a'gonna put no lanks to em since thays moren a hunnert at lease. ye kin find em ifn yer innerested.

nuther thang that more or less happend to me is a form of pomes i dint know nuthin bout ere i cummenced ritin em, witch that wood be waka, also knowd as tanga. tiz a form frum japan that cunsists of jes 5 lines, the furstn with 5 syllabulls, the next with 7, then 5, then the last two with 7. i cummenced ritin em (heres the furstn i writ) by request sos they could be used fer a local dojo, n i aint turnt back. one thang i dun with em is to rite one fer each card of the tarot, tho i never sed so (astoot readers probly figgerd thatn out startin with the furstn in the major arcana).

but much as i luv to rite, tiz a temptayshun to putt up nuthin but pitchers on a counta thats whar most of my traffick cums frum. pitchers brangs me vistors moren innythang else, witch heres the top six, leadin up to the one that brangs me the most traffick of inny post i ever dun:i wish i had more time this mornin, witch thats sumthin i wish most everday. i am shore happy i tuck up bloggin, even ifn it tuck miz bd minny a munth to talk me into trine it. i dun writ more in the past 5 years than i ever dun befor n the mane reason fer that is the thought that thays sumbidy out thar wontin to read it, even ifn tiz only the ruff draft.

witch that proovs how ifn ye stick this here wanderin hillbilly with a knife, lack as not, ye a'gone find a ham inside ...

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red molly said...

i am also happy you tuck up bloggin...happy 5th!!!

meatbrain said...

Happy Blogbirthday, BD! Your commentary and pictures always brighten my morning as I surf the trackless wastes of cyberspace.

fletch said...

5 years!? that's like 100 years in the blogosphere. You're like a founding father. Congrats.

Tennessee Jed said...

Happy Blogiversary bd!!

I am really glad you started publishing your wonderful creative mind online. You are an awesome teacher/friend.

Buck said...

Happy Blogiversary to you!

I love this blog. I can't help but chuckle when I read it because it is written exactly like I sound when I talk.

The pictures are always wonderful and the waka's show your real talent for putting lots of meaning in few words.

Hope you are around for at least 50more Buddy Don. And I hope I am around to read you.

Scott Lawson said...

Good stuff. I've had mine for 5 as well. How do I get one of them Sangle malt Society Advocate membership cards? I like the Ledaig very much, and all i got from those guys was a keychain. Happy New Year!