Friday, June 27, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: tuther quagmire

them amung the readers thats old a nuff lackly members the vietnam war, witch they say ifn ye member the 60s ye lackly wudnt thar, but tiz jes a joke on a counta mos of us kin member when a war mint sumbidy wuz a'gone half to sacrifice sumthin. corse thay wuz a draft in them daze n we had jurnalists that wudnt servin up entertainmint dictated by thar corprutt owners, so ye could see dead, dyin n wounded soljers ever evenin on the tee vee. thay wuz body counts n endless argumints bout whut wood happen ifn we wuz to leave vietnam: bloodbath, tuther cuntries in the region fallin fer communism lack a line of dominoes, etc.

as mayhap ye know frum yer histry, dint nun of that happen. thay wuz sum truble in cambodia, but twernt on a counta our leavin (we wudnt spozed to be fitin in cambodia, tho we dun it innywho).

tuther day me n miz bd wuz walkin n over in man hattan n run smack dab into a parade name of the international immigrants day parade. we dint git to see innythang but the end of it, witch that happend to be the vientamese part of it ...

as i watched these folks passin by i couldnt hep but thank bout how they wuz demonized as gooks n such. we thunk of em as enemies lack no other, the kind that wood put a bomb in a baby carriage to attack our soljers, the kind that wood spread communism everwhar, the kind that deeserved napalm n bombin n yew name it.

so we gut out after 58,000 of our bravest had dun paid the ultimate sacrifice. the draft wuz killt. administrayshuns larnt not to share inny news atall, if possibull, bout inny war, lessn the news could be made to seem good. thats why aint hardly nobidy ever seen a pitcher of a ded amurkin in iraq nor much of inny reportin frum thar. we dont even see the president attendin funerulls, witch ever other president dun.

so wuz we able to make peace with them we wuz a'fitin? seems lack. i wunder whuther we could do the same with the iraqis, witch tiz jes as hard to tell who is the enemy over thar as twuz durin vietnam.

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Buck said...

Wonderful pictures Buddy. The Vietnam was is one of this country's great tragedies. I have no doubt that we would still be there if not for the DFH's

When are you gonna put up some photo's of the New York waterfalls?

I have seen them on the news but I know you can do a better job!