Wednesday, June 25, 2008

pitchers tuck by buddy don: everbidy luvs a newborn

it tuck long a nuff. sarah, the poor mother, wuz in labor fer over 30 hours. the idee wuz to have the child at home in a natcherul settin, but twernt to be. lil ezekiel wuz in a posterior posishun, witch that made it near impossibull fer im to cum out on his own. after a day n a nite of hard labor (easy fer me to say), the parnts n midwife wint on down to st vincents hospital on 12th street in the west village. they kept at trine to git the child to cum natcherul, but still wernt to be. finely they deecided twood be a c-seckshun, witch after that twernt long till the midwife cum n tole us that sarah had deeliverd a baby boy at 12:22 pm. he wuz 22 inches long n weighd 8.6 pounds.

n frum a cumpletely 100 percent objecktive point of vue, he turnt out to be one of the purtiest n mos purrfeck babies ever bornd!

heres proof, sum pitchers of lil ezekiel (nobidy gits thar rite name on this here blog lessn thays alreddy famus) ...

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red molly said...

He is indeed a beautiful bundle of joy! Thanks for sharing the news and photos.

Merz said...

He's gorgeous! Congratulations, grandpa!

Love you,
Grandie (AKA Merz)