Wednesday, June 04, 2008

pomes of buddy don: Folly Must Be Wise

Folly Must Be Wise

Once he had left the White House and thus lost
The Talking Points that filled his mouth with “News!”
And written down the Truth at his own cost,
Revealing he was just a tool they used –
He found the Means he’d used for his old Boss
Were turned on him in order to confuse
A Public that has learned to accept loss
Of Truth from those whose words are just a ruse.

So Kill the Messenger! the Wingnuts shout,
For we know that he’s always told the Lies
That our Brave Hero hired him to spout,
The kind of patter he used to disguise
Mere facts that would make Voters tend to doubt
That our Great Leader’s Folly must be Wise.

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