Friday, June 06, 2008

pomes of buddy don: The American Dream

(Reflecting on the Democratic Nomination of Barack Obama for President of the United States of America)

The American Dream

Arriving in chains in 1619
To be sold as chattel, fed leftover swill,
To be used as tools to help others fulfill
What grandly is called the American dream –

Stripped of their dignity, their divine right
To keep their own customs, live with their kin,
Or even to speak their own language again –
Forbidden to learn how to read and to write,

They cooked all the meals, they worked in the field,
Bore for their masters more slaves to be sold,
To be broken long before they were old
While keeping their hopes for freedom concealed –
Yet their deepest dreams could not be curtailed,
They not only endured – they finally prevailed.
When given freedom, “emancipation,”
And told they’d receive both land and a mule,
Jim Crow came along with methods so cruel
As to keep them bound in poor desperation

By lynchings and terror and burning crosses,
Through use of the poll tax, strict segregation
And harsh laws against miscegenation,
They were left free to serve the same bosses.

Yet they would not let their struggle die
As they nourished dreams, refused to succumb,
Promised themselves they would overcome
And lift every voice, to sing to the sky,
That their deepest dreams would not be curtailed –
They not only endured – they finally prevailed.
Today we have seen what we never believed
We could see in a land so divided by race
That seemed destined to live with the disgrace
Of ideals long cherished, never achieved.
Yet OUR deepest dreams no one could curtail –
We ALL have endured and begun to prevail!

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putzina said...

None of those past injustices justifies the biased DNC's manipulation of primary elections in Florida and Michigan in favor of Obama and to the detriment of Hillary Clinton, just because they hate her. Anyone who suggests that people who point out that people's votes in Florida and Michigan weren't counted properly are somehow "racist against Obama" fail to understand the tragedy that happened at that notorious meeting last Saturday. Obama needs to come out and say, "The election system in the United States is rigged with problems and needs to be fixed so that these kinds of things don't keep happening," and then I'll enthusiastically support him. Now I feel betrayed, feel that my candidate and her supporters have been unfairly treated by the media and feel that many, though not all, Obama supporters are being divisive and arrogant rather than taking our anger seriously. I would not be angry had the votes been counted properly, and had the DNC not declared those primary elections meaningless before they even began. It mattered to everyone when the shenanigans occurred in Florida in 2000, but why is it suddenly OK now? How dare a woman run for president without her supporters being accused of racism.
(Not putting you in that category at all by the way.)