Wednesday, March 07, 2007

short post of buddy don: that thar proximity affeck

las nite we gut a call frum the mama of my stepson, witch she wuz wurried bout im on a counta she cum home n found the door unlocked n the tee vee a'blarin away, but he wudnt thar. she figgerd he mus be down on the corner sumwhars n wint cooked sum dinner. by the time she called us, twuz nigh onto 11 pee em, witch tony wuz spozed to be at wurk this mornin by 5:50. she wonted to know the number of the cell fone we had give im, witch twuz a disappointment to here he hadnt even tole her that number nor even shared our message of feliz cumpleaño that we left as a message on thar other fone on her birthdy.

i give er the number n then me n miz bd had a short discusshun whilst trine to fall asleep agin bout how ye dont wurry much bout em when thar off in a nuther state, but once them yunguns is close, ye caint hep but wunder bout em mos ever mint.

innywho, that hole thang hepped me recolleck to tell ye that them crawdads, killer n miz tenna, have dun give birth to a lil crawdad that miz bd named crawbaby. thang is, whenever we feed em, miz tenna goes over in frunt of the hole whar crawbaby lives to make shore dont no other fish git in. tiz also the reason i aint been able to git no pitcher of that tiny lil critter.

tiz also a shame to see how killer has dun turnt verr lethargick of late, but we have red whar the males die not long after the new generayshun is borned. we will let ye know ifn that happens, witch we hope it dont.

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Buck said...

Well damn Buddy. Did your stepson ever show up?

Anonymous said...

Hope both lil shavers thrive.

Frum Anne, at werk n sure to git in trouble.