Tuesday, March 13, 2007

pomes of buddy don: In Such Love to Believe

In Such Love to Believe
(March 13, 2007)

Ten years ago upon this very date
On Edinburgh’s lovely royal mile
Did stroll two lovers who could hardly wait
Their nuptials to celebrate in style.

The bride, a beauty clad in black and lace,
Had traveled her hard roads both high and low –
For forty years she had not seen the face
Of the poor child to whom she was betrothed.

That child was now full grown, dressed in his kilt –
The tartan of the ancient Cameron clan –
His life, like hers, had been a patchword quilt
Of all the mistakes known to mortal man.

They had not dared in such love to believe –
That day t’was theirs to give and to receive!

(by the way, sweet'art: happy birthday!)

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Tennessee Jed said...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday to you both and Mrs. bd!

Once again nice writing sir!

Anonymous said...

... happy birthday to Janet, hillbilly... give her my best..... we're thinking of you guys down here in Tennessee.....