Tuesday, March 06, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: st patricks day parade in hoboken

on saturdy thay wuz this parade in hoboken, witch twuz thatn fer saint patrick. tiz spozed to be fer them irish that lived here fer minny a year, witch fer years everthang frum washington street over to the hudson wuz irish n everthang frum washington street over to the cliffs wuz eye-talian.

innywho, we wuz a'gone celebrate the birthdy of my stepson tony who moved back last week, so we invited loretta n paddy to cum early sos they could see the parade.

i reckun twuz a bit of a disapointmint fer paddy on a counta mos of them folks that wuz givin the bars bizness at 6 AM (thats rite: they opend at 6 AM), wudnt ackshly irish. that hurts on a counta everbidy lacks to say ye kin tell how them irish luvs to drank by how minny of em gits drunk fer the st patricks day parade.

paddy splaind to me how in ireland tiz differnt, how st patricks day starts with mass n then tea n only late in the evenin sum folks mite go out to the pub fer a pint.

heres sum pitchers of folks lined up at bars trine to git in n a few of the folks gittin reddy to walk in the parade ...

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