Thursday, March 15, 2007

pitchers tuck by buddy don: them buds is reddy to burst

yesterdy me n miz bd tuck a day off n wint over to that brooklyn botanick garden, witch we had herd a false report that thay wuz sum cherry blooms alreddy. twernt the case atall. fack is, the hole garden wuz lack the backstage at a big broadway show ere tiz opend. thay wuz gardenin folk everwhar diggin n plantin n puttin manure down n yew name it.

i tuck a slew of pitchers innyway, partly on a counta them buds thats reddy to burst. one of em dont look all that differnt frum a nuthern.

but that look to em, that theys reddy to open up n show thar flowers or leaves n drank in the sun is sumthin that putts me in mind of ritin. ye git the mere bud of a idee of whut ye wonta say n near everone has the same undeefined way of bein. tiz only when ye rite it that ye find out whut yer truly a'gone say.

sum folks thank that whenever ye rite, whut yer a'doin is reducin whut ye dun alreddy know to wurds. taint so. yer larnin whut ye know n dint know ye knew till ye red whut ye rote.

heres a few buds that fixin to burst into sprang ...

thisns a magnolia bud

heres a cherry bud

thisns on a lilac bush, witch it looks more lack a tree dont it?

ole fuzzy wuzzy heres a japanese pussy willow ...

n natcherly, thays yer crocuses dun alreddy showin colors ...

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