Tuesday, March 20, 2007

quik note of buddy don: recommendayshun fer espn

to them folks over at espn. ye gut whut ye call 'whip around coveridge' of the ladies basketball turny. thats whar ye tease yer audients by showin em a bit of one game n then switch over to show em a bit of a nuthern till ye find one that mite be a goodn n then mayhap ye dwell on it fer a quarter or two. i reckun ye do the same thang now n then fer that thar mens turny too.

heres my sugjestchun: why dont ye call it jerk around coveridge? on a counta thats whut yer a'doon to yer audients: yer jerkin em around.

ye had them lady vols on n aint no doubt twoodnt be much of a game, but fer them amung us with orange blood, twuz cruel teasin to move it frum them to michigan state vs delaware, witch wuz a better game n shoulda been yer focus frum the git go.

that is all.

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