Thursday, March 29, 2007

preciashun of buddy don: thankee to sum commenters

i bin meanin to rite sumthin in the way of thanks to them that makes comments on this here site. taint easy, i know, on a counta how last year the site wuz bombed by sumthang or sumbidy that posted a long listed of the vilest sex lanks ye could ever eye-magine in them comments. i tride to git em to quit a'doon it, but thonly thang that wurked wuz to embed them comments a nuther layer deeper, witch thats why ye gut to click on lank to git to whar ye kin make comments.

so furst thangs furst, thankee to innybidy that has been kind a nuff to go to such truble jes to make a lil comment.

so heres sum folks i wonta thank.

furst n foremost is tennessee jed, not only fer his comments n support over the years, but fer his makin the wandering hillbilly animated logo at the top of the page.

next cum a cuple folks i wuz lucky a nuff to meet in real life, red molly n straight white guy. they are bof kind a nuff to make comments now n agin, witch i greatly preciate it.

one of them commenters that gits my point of vue bout as close as ye kin is buck frum tete-a-tete-a-tete, witch i wont try to make that blog name cum out rite, on a counta ever time i do it makes a mess (ye kin check the lef hand nav bar to see whut i mean.

i gut to menchun deb frum sugarfused, witch she used to rite lots of haiku n the best i ever red, but she dun tuck up a camera n duz her poetry a'usin it these daze.

nuther of my faverts is anne johnson over at the gods are bored, witch i try to read a few of them blogs everday, hers bein one of em. that is one riter that kin cum up with sumthin new to thank bout near evertime she putts up a new post.

corse i wood be remiss not to menchun omni over at that thar omniverse she rules. thays jes bout more to thank bout thar than a bidy kin ritely absorb. twill stretch yer mind to read her as often as ye kin (i wish i could read blogs everday, but life dont leave as much time fer thangs as a bidy wood lack.)

a while back i writ a lil pome that straight white guy lanked to n on a counta that, i gut to read a cuple new sites i aint seen ere that n still aint putt lanks up, witch i plan to do that when i git a chants. one of em is jean frum a site name of pondering , witch turns out shes a fine poet jes lack i try to be.

nuthern is ellison frum blog d'ellison, witch his comment wuz a lil pome that i reepeat here:
Those days when I am faced with Writer's Block,
I head down to the cellar, where a crock
Of Ethanolic Bev'rage doth await
The Ethanolic Beverage's fate.
That is, to be decanted in a glass,
Consumed, perhaps with steak, perhaps with bass;
Thus to inflame imagination's wit.
It's that - or maybe I'll go take a shit.
but ellison wudnt thonly one to putt in a pome fer a comment. libby spencer dun the same thang, witch her blog is name last one speaks:
I would love to say something clever,
but that, I fear, would take forever.
nuther commenter with a blog is aart hilal, witch shes not only a big fan of paulo coehlo, but she rites pomes her ownself. check out her site name of aart hilal.

not everbidy has a blog that rites a comment, but sumtimes whut a bidy rites heps keep me a'goin n makes me thank tiz all wurth it, witch thats the case with my long lost Cuz'n Zac. twood embarrass me to quote his comment, but ye kin find it under the book revue of the alchemist.

aint no doubt i am missin sumbidy that i orta member, so pallgies in add vants fer that.

but fer all of ye that has ever made a comment or even thunk bout makin one, thankee fer droppin by now n agin. i will try to git by yer blogs (ifn ye gut em) n make comments now n then. tiz awfull nice how ye do the same fer me.

(ifn ye wonta make a comment, ye gut to click on 'link' below.)


red molly said...

Thank you buddy don for that nice post. I appreciate the mention of red molly and delighted that you stop by the blue plate special on a regular basis. With so many blogs out there it is an honor that you visit my blog and link to mine as well.

Buck said...

The pleasure is all mine Buddy. I do not comment every day but I assure you I stop in every day. The photo's and the poems are always wonderful.

And I damn sure hope your headaches are somewhat in remission.

But I would like for you to shoot the moon again. The next time you get what you think is a good shot at it.

April said...

I love this web site Buddy Don. It always puts a smile on my face. Sometimes deciphering the language is like solving a little riddle which when solved makes me laugh at loud at its cleverness. Your blog is like no other I have ever seen and is so creative and wonderful. It's therapy for me to visit.

Tennessee Jed said...

I love me some Wandering Hillbilly!

Once again bd you are the one doing us the favor! The Way you present your thoughts is the most clever thing I have ever read. The consistency of the style is very impressive. I mean any chuckle-head like me can throw a dialect word in from time to time, but you honestly have created a written language for the hill folk.

On top of that the wisdom, photography, writing and poetry you dish out is first class stuff. I can't believe I get to enjoy it for free!

Anonymous said...

... rock on, Hillbilly..... tis a pleasure to read what you have to say.....