Monday, March 26, 2007

revues of buddy don: a book to wake ye up agin

tiz lackly ye have du herd bout that book name of The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. tiz a fable. ifn ye read it, ye will wonta thank back on whut yer dream wuz n figger out whuther ye been a'follerin it or not.

a frien leant it to me n i couldnt harly putt it down.

now i keep wunderin bout my own dream, witch twuz to rite, but whut i caint hep but wunder is whuther twuz to publish also. evertime i cunsidder doin whut it takes to git sumbidy to publish yer book, seems lack i could spend my lil time on earth better by ritin sumthin else or trine to git sumthin i dun writ into better shape. (tiz the best thang bout havin a blog on a counta thays a good three of four folks that has dun read sum of my stuff.)

tiz my reckomendayshun that ye git ye a copy of that book n read it. then whenever ye wunder whut yer life is all bout, ye kin read it agin.

tiz the kinda book that could bare a lot of re-readin.

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Deb said...

I've got that book but haven't read it yet. I found a copy in good condition at the Goodwill store :)
It's been on the back burner for far too long I think!

Anonymous said...

great book!
I love the work of Paulo Coelho!!!! Do you know that he is launching his new book, The Witch of Portobello, through his blog
I found it out because i'm inscibed to his newsletter
it's simply wonderful!
have a nice day!

Buck said...

I'm proud to be one of the three of four folks that has read some of your stuff Buddy.

You rite lack I talk.

And I love it.

Cuz'n Zac's lurkin' said...

It's yer ole cuz'n Zac...back from the brink, or at least staring back from it.

Never underestimate how much your writing already means to people, if that matters at all. What is means to YOU does. But if something other than money and fame counts, your writing and the consistency of your blog and the character and intelligence that shows through it have been both an inspiration and a lifeline to me over five VERY bad years. You're a may be far from the eyes of civilization, but you are keeping a few of us above water.

No pressure ; )