Thursday, March 22, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Mighty Modern Marvels

Mighty Modern Marvels
(from a nightmare)

The population problem had been solved –
As droughts and storms liquidated billions –
Solutions that the fix would have involved
Were deemed unfit as they would have cost trillions.

Instead the age of oil had dead-ended –
Its bi-products creating its demise –
The laws of physics would not be upended –
With nature there could be no compromise.

Small scattered bands of humans still survived –
The winners of earth’s grimmest lottery –
Of many wonders they were now deprived
Returning to the age of pottery.

The eons' passing, entropy and rust
Let mighty modern marvels fall to dust.

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Tennessee Jed said...

I think this peek oil problem will thin the herd quicker than global warming. Because if the hydrocarbons run thin the lights go down and the food quits coming in. We will destroy our own kind in the trample to survive.

Mankind has seen population growth in the past 200 years like at no other known time. Millions of years from now it will look like a tiny spike of life was once here and someone else will find our crude ooze and burn it in their machines.

April said...

I hope you're wrong Buddy Don. I am praying that you are. My sixth grade son had a science test last week, and he had to learn quite a bit about alternate energy sources and the importance of ending our dependence on fossil fuels. Wind energy production is growing rapidly and I hope will continue to grow as it becomes more economically necessary (not just a nice thing to do for our Mother Earth since no one listens unless it's economically necessary). I pray for our Mother Earth, our "Island Home" as the Episcopal Church Book of Common Prayer calls it.
I hope you're wrong, dear Buddy.