Wednesday, February 14, 2007

revues of buddy don: the beatles love

i aint gut much to say other than ifn ye lack the beatles or even ifn ye dont, ye orta give a listen to that album name of love by the beatles, witch twuz putt together by george martin n his son giles. they tuck lots of them recordins n mashed em up together to whar ye caint hardly bleeve how well the fit. reason they dun it is sos they could pervide the musick fer one of them cirque du soleil shows, witch me n miz bd wuz lucky a nuff to see dralion on a counta my irish friend micky takin us.

miz bd herd bout it frum her bruther whenever she went out to ohio fer that funerull. he tole her it mite hep her feel a lil better, so i wint out n gut a copy n i kin say fer a fack that he wuz rite.

fack is, far as i kin tell, tiz the best beatles album ever ...

... oh, thats rite: the title of it (love) fits todays hallday purty good too.

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