Thursday, February 15, 2007

book reports of buddy don: Ringworld

i aint a'gone pertend this is a revue on a counta i aint gut time to try to eevaluwait how good the Ringworld Series by Larry Niven is. but i did wonta say ye orta give it a read. i aint hardly been able to putt em down ever since my friend (whose site name of thinking meat is one of my faverts) sug-jested it to me. i hope to have a lil time to talk more bout sci fi n sum of my other faverts, but at the moment, tiz out into the snow n cold fer me in hopes of gittin to grand centrull in time to buy sum of them new dollar coins, witch i give em out as part of the daily agenda. they aint sellin em till 8 AM, but ifn tiz in man hattan, ye half to git thar early ifn ye wonta have a half a chants to git innythang.

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