Tuesday, February 13, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Failure Is Not an Option

this lil pome below is ment to be the endin to the three pomes i posted last week name of The First Hubristic Failure, Our Second Failure, and Our Third Great Failure. mayhap i will putt em all four together tomorruh, but ye git the idee.

Failure Is Not an Option

Our count of Iraq failures start with three
And spiral upwards almost endlessly –
Our failure to find W M D
Or to restore pre-war ‘lectricity
Or to up-armor our own HMVs
Or to provide the kevlar our troops need
Or to anticipate contractor greed –

We failed to track the billions handed out
As cash that we can’t prove beyond a doubt
Did not go to al qaeda in Iraq
Or to replenish the insurgents’ stock
Of weapons and of war materiél,
Of the ingredients that make war hell.

Or to guard arms dumps as they were looted,
The weapons then used by those recruited
To join in violent retribution
On those who warped their own constitution
At Abu Ghraib, Gitmo and at "Black Sites" –
Pure ideals compromised with evil rites–

This list can be extended as all know
Since this war is an internetted show –
We fail if we depart, yet if we wait
We’re caught in civil war’s cross-fire hate.

Our President says failure’s not an option and it’s true
Since in Iraq, time after time, failure’s just what we do.

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Anne Johnson said...

George's final contribution
Has been to shred the Constitution.

Tennessee Jed said...

And I heard today we pay Korea to play nice too. They will just take our cash and do what the heck they want to anyway.