Thursday, February 22, 2007

quick note of buddy don: whut happend to that thar 8800

yesterdy i writ bout attendin that eevent whar they give out blackburr 8800 deevices to everbidy that cum toot. ye mite could thank that wood mean i had one by now, but taint so. in sted, the one i wuz give will becum thatn beelongin to the boss of the boss of my boss on a counta (1) i know my place n (2) i have nuthin but grate reespeck fer the man, witch he has stuck with me thru all them migraines. tiz true i been deemoted n am reportin to a feller that used to report to me, but i aint tuck no cut in pay n am still wurkin on whuts importunt, witch thats my health not my wealth nor my presteege neethur.

sorry bout inny confushun i mite coulda sparked with my post. i wish i had more time, but seems lack that depakote makes me dream lack never in my life n makes it hardern ever to wake up of a mornin.

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Tennessee Jed said...

Dangit! I was looking forward to some post on that fancy device. I hurt for you now...and yesterday I was in deep envy. You got plenty of presteege in my eyes anyway sir!

Anne Johnson said...

I think you dun the raat thang. Tiz many people with bad illnesses get faared for some made-up reason sos the compny don't havta pay they med bills. An I am also glad you ruspeck yer boss. Ain't many no more that deserve it.