Friday, February 09, 2007

pomes of buddy don: Our Third Great Failure

Our Third Great Failure

Our third great failure was that we installed
Political appointees to run all –
Or if it was not all, then it was most –
Of the prime institutions from their posts
Within The Green Zone where they felt no harm
From gunfire, explosions or alarms,
Or from their gaping lack of expertise
At running even well-made agencies,
Which theirs were not since we, with shock and awe,
Had brought the infrastructure to a crawl
And used Iraq as our own proving ground
For economic theories that abound
In Chicago labs, not the arena
Where events occur such as Katrina.

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1 comment:

Tennessee Jed said...

I have really enjoyed your poem triptic.

It seems our local politics are following Washington D.C. fine example, at least they are here in Knoxville.