Wednesday, February 21, 2007

late nites of buddy don: a eggsclusive eevent

i wuz up way later i am used to last nite on a counta i attended this eggsclusive eevent down in soho over on hudson street. twuz putt on by bof Research in Motion n Cingular Wireless or AT&T, whichever they is now.

twuz a massive geek fest with mayhap 4 men fer ever woman, geeks frum all races, free food n wine n a seeleckshun of free dranks includin dewars white label fer scotch, witch i tuck a shot of jack daniels in sted. twuz way too loud in thar on a counta thay wuz this infernull thumpin sound kinda musick that i dint much lack the furst time it cum round as disco, witch i dont know whut thar a'callin it these daze on a counta me bein completely out of it far as musick is cuncernd (i give up radio after twuz ruint by the tell a communicayshuns ack of 1996).

innywho, they had folks walkin roun talkin n such, witch twuz one of them scenes whar ye gut to shout jes to be herd, so i tuck my book (Hyperion by Dan Simmons -- eggzellent!) n my jack n ast sum folks did they mind ifn i sat at thar table. they dint so i did. i dint notice till twuz too late that they wuz a'wurkin at goodbank same as me, witch they woodnt have noticed ceptn we all gut name tags statin whar we wuz frum. as ye mite magine, goodbank is verr big, so twudnt atall unusual to meet folks ye handnt never seen frum the same cumpny.

the big attrackshun of the evenin wuz when they brung out tiki barber to publick speak at us n take sum questchuns, witch truble wuz them acoosticks wuz so bad in thar to whar ye couldnt hear nuthin he wuz sayin.

oh yeah, tuther thang they dun wuz give ever geek in the place, yers truly inclooded, one of thar newest blackburrs, the 8800, in a verr nice black box with a deep shine on it, witch i will half to use the blackburr at wurk (i woodnt wonta pay the munthly nut to run one of em) but miz bd kin have that thar box.

wurst of all wuz how it run till 10 pee em, witch i am generally long past fallin asleep by then.

i hope all yall have ye a good day. i am bout to take my new toy to wurk whar i kin show it off. twill make me the secunt person in our lil worl to have one, witch the furstn is the big boss.

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Tennessee Jed said...

Kewl! You got a Blackberry 8800! You will really like having an mp3 player you can make calls on and use gps to find your way around too. I will stop now, the envy is throbbing too much.

Anne Johnson said...

send me a fancy pants email.