Monday, February 19, 2007

cold disapointment of buddy don: no firewurks fer the chinese new year

me n miz bd braved the verr cold nite sos we could git a pitcher of them firwurks that wuz advertised fer the chinese new years celebrayshun down in chinatown, witch tiz the year of that thar golden pig.

we knew whar twuz a'gone be n knew thay wood be way too minny folk thar fer us to git a elbow in edgewise, so we tuck the lite rail down to eggschange place n figgerd we wood take sum pitchers frum thar. we lackd to froze, but we dint git nary a pitcher of no firewurks, mayhap on a counta thay wudnt nun? we jes caint tell. taint a wurd bout em in them local noosepapers, neethur the new york times nor the daily news nor the post.

heres a cuple pitchers of lower man hattan i tuck whilst we wuz waitin:

that wite bildin is the woolwurths bildin. ifn them twin towers wuz still standin, they wood be jes to the lef of the tall bildin to the lef of it.

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