Tuesday, February 06, 2007

pinions of buddy don: fishin thru the net

heres a few thangs that state thangs all too well. frum that thar daily kos site, thays this articull name of The Good Option by darksyde:
Are you losing track of the good and the bad in Iraq? We're told the Sunni insurgents are bad, but they're backed by Bush's noble Saudi pals. The Shiites are our default allies in Iraq, but the Iranians who are helping them are bad. The Kurds are good, because they're relatively peaceful and independent, except their peaceful independence is creating profound anxiety among our Turkish friends, which is bad. Al Qaeda is bad, we all agree, except when they oppose Shiite Cleric Muqtada Al-Sadr, which is ... what ... good?

And that's only scratching the surface. Within each of these groups are a dazzling array of quasi-official militias, criminal gangs, death squads, and even the local version of end-o-the-world religious maniacs hoping to hasten Armageddon. On any given day, these groups can be 'good,' while, paradoxically, their allies are 'bad.' Those classifications swing unpredictably on a right-wing whim dictated by whatever bullshit soundbite is mumbled incoherently that day to keep our fighting men and women in the blood-soaked turmoil.

The confusion is only furthered by an Administration warning that Iran may get involved if we leave, while telling us on alternating days that Iran is deeply involved. That Al Qaeda could gain a foothold in any vacuum left behind, while telling us repeatedly that the place is swarming with Al Qaeda. And we're sternly reminded we cannot pull US forces out or Iraq would become a failed state, in blissful, willful ignorance of the fact that Iraq is a failed state and, more to the point, it became one while occupied by US forces.
reeminds me of that ny times articull name of In a New Joint U.S.-Iraqi Patrol, the Americans Go First:
When the Iraqi units finally did show up, it was with the air of a class outing, cheering and laughing as the Americans blew locks off doors with shotguns. As the morning wore on and the troops came under fire from all directions, another apparent flaw in this strategy became clear as empty apartments became lairs for gunmen who flitted from window to window and killed at least one American soldier, with a shot to the head.

Whether the gunfire was coming from Sunni or Shiite insurgents or militia fighters or some of the Iraqi soldiers who had disappeared into the Gotham-like cityscape, no one could say.

“Who the hell is shooting at us?” shouted Sgt. First Class Marc Biletski, whose platoon was jammed into a small room off an alley that was being swept by a sniper’s bullets. “Who’s shooting at us? Do we know who they are?”
sad thang is, we are stuck in a war that everbidy agrees we dont have no idee how to git out of.

that putts me in mind of a book i red a cuple years ago by Kevin Philips name of Wealth and Democracy whar he splaind how the prior three grate world economick powers cum undun. thay wuz three steps to the process, witch heres the way i member em:
  1. in sted of makin thangs, ye git folks in other cuntries to make em fer ye on a counta how they kin doot fer less money, makin it moren more possibull fer them thats rich to git richer, futher concentratin the cuntrys wealth in fewer n fewer hands
  2. after ye git to be a grate worl power, ye go frum havin a economy based on makin thangs to one based on finants, insurants, n real estate
  3. yer cuntry becums a debtor nayshun (we dun that in 1985 with the hep frum presdint raygun), witch that makes the disparity of wealth, meanin the concentrayshun of wealth into the hands of fewer n fewer people, grow
  4. yer cuntry gits itself involved in a long war that it caint git out of.
the good news is how we dont need to wurry no more bout that global warmin stuff on a counta how thay aint nuthin we kin really do bout it now.

taint no wunder we luv sports so much: lease thar we kin have justus n fair play. n ifn it seems lack thay wuz a bad call, ye kin have a instunt reeplay. wish we could have one fer that seleckshun of 2000.

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