Monday, April 27, 2009

pomes of buddy don: What Are These Fools Thinking?!?

What Are These Fools Thinking?!?
What are these fools thinking, when they attack,
The high-minded lawyers who came to assist
Our leaders who wanted to invade Iraq
Yet couldn’t procure proof from nabbed terrorists?

We’d learned in Korea lessons that SERE’d
As torture induced downed airmen to confess
To crimes for which their homeland could be smeared
For one will say anything under duress.

Though in those old days 'to waterboard'
Was widely called torture, even by us,
Its use as a tool *now* can’t be ignored!!!
Time bombs could be ticking!!! What’s all the fuss?!?

We’ve all heard it said, 'We don't torture' it’s true —
But we get 'good intell' if we ever do!

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Tennessee Jed said...

With a term like "Too Big To Fail" anything is possible.