Thursday, April 30, 2009

amazement of buddy don: a nuther Amazon revue

twuz my grate good fortchun to git wurd that thays now a secunt revue of shoot the devil up on heres the lank.

bleeve it or not, thays still a few of them furst 49 left so dont deelay ifn ye wonta git ye one. jes foller this lank. as a reeminder, heres whut ye git:
  1. a brand new copy of shoot the devil packed in rice paper with luv

  2. the book will be chopped by my own persnull chop, witch tiz the chinese care-ackters fer wandering hillbilly

  3. twill be numberd as witchever one of the furst 49 ye happend to git (fer instunts, it could be 48/49!)

  4. finely, ifn ye give me two wurds fer the subjeck of a waka ye wood lack to be writ jes fer ye, i will cumpose sed waka n rite it by hand in yer own copy of the book
go read them revues n see ifn taint the kinda book ye orta be readin yer ownself.

finely, thankee, thankee, thankee bonnie! (ye half to foller one of them lanks in the verr post yer a'readin ifn ye wonta know who bonnie is.)

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